Hello! My name is Rob Green and I’m currently a Production Manager at WGM Printing, a screen print shop located in Maryland.

I began Shirt Folk in 2019 as a platform to sell my shirts. It has since evolved into an opportunity to talk about the print industry.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Chapter One :: The Creative Spirit

Chapter One :: The Creative Spirit


Shirt Folk arrives at the end of this month! We are so excited to not only be offering some amazing t-shirts but to provide a platform for creatives to share their gifts in an environment that allows them to do what they love and make a living wage while doing so. Shirt Folk is nothing without its creatives or the people who support them.

Our collection is curated and limited. Illustrators are commissioned to design a graphic that will be produced on a print run of 100 pieces. This number allowed us to find premium artists and create a product that was unique and long lasting. Paying artists, creating a limited edition print, and providing an excellent end product; these are our main brand pillars.

The prompt we tasked our illustrators with for the opening volley was “The Creative Spirit”. The Creative Spirit is the main thinking behind our brand and it made sense to get a group of talented illustrators and designers to interpret the concept for our initial run. Planning has already begun for the future, so stay tuned for artist and prompt updates!

Make sure to find us on all the major social media platforms @shirtfolk. We will be posting exclusive content to particular platforms moving forward, including giveaways and product launch previews!

Also, we would really appreciate if you subscribed to our mailing list. If you sign up before the end of January, you will receive a 15% off code when we launch and a chance to win a free Shirt Folk logo tee. Beyond that, you will also be the first to know about product launches and, considering our small runs, that could be the difference between getting a design from your favorite artist or being on the outside looking in.

Again, we can not thank you enough for all the support during our buildup. We appreciate all the artists and fans we have already worked with. And we are beyond excited for the future!

Stay tuned to all of our channels for updates! Shirt Folk unite!!

Let's Start the March!!

Let's Start the March!!