Hello! My name is Rob Green and I’m currently a Production Manager at WGM Printing, a screen print shop located in Maryland.

I began Shirt Folk in 2019 as a platform to sell my shirts. It has since evolved into an opportunity to talk about the print industry.

Thank you for your time and attention.

No Fooling!

No Fooling!

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My name is Rob Green, owner of Shirt Folk.

April brings many changes to the weather. In the case of Shirt Folk, it brings a fresh focus.


Shirt Folk began with the idea of creating a platform for illustrators to get paid a fair wage to design limited edition t-shirts that our customers would love to wear. Ethically made in the USA, our brand was built around the concept that happy people should make happy things for other happy people to wear.

In January 2019, we launched with an awesome lineup of artists and t-shirts. I placed an emphasis on promoting the creators of our shirts as much as the item itself. We sold shirts, got great feedback and were well on our way in the building phase.

Our second lineup of shirts were launched in February. Selling more shirts than the month before was encouraging, but I felt in my heart I could have been pushing it more.


I found myself wanting to push the artists. Show the printing process. Talk about design. And so much more. Notice the problem here?

I wasn’t passionate about selling the shirts. It’s a hit to the system when you begin a shirt company and realize the very thing you need to do to make money and build a platform is the thing you dislike the most. Self-awareness can be painful, though, but it doesn’t do any good to complain about it.

So, I’m making a course correction


I love the print industry. Having worked as a freelancer in my early 20s designing t-shirts and going up to today where I work as a Production Manager at a print shop, print has always been present in my life.

The shirts that were created during our first two months will remain for sale. There will be no disruption in shipping times or loss in the print quality of our shirts. If a project comes along that I feel adds value to you, I will pursue it. As a printer and artist, there would be no excuse to drop the ball on those points. I do, however, have to introduce a focus on my passion for this project.

I want to celebrate print. Marvel at the illustrators who construct amazing designs that challenge the boldest of printers. Printers who take those challenges and deliver a product that stands as a pillar to their craft. Talk about brands that hire both types of artists and create platforms that allow for exposure and jobs. To give back to an industry that gave me so much during my formative years.

That is what Shirt Folk will be about moving forward.


I have already began reaching out to brands and artists to begin filling this space and our other platforms with value for you the reader and viewer. This will come in the form of interviews, features, tutorials, and more.

But I can’t find everyone alone. I don’t have eyes everywhere at all times. So, I need you to reach out to me too.

• If you are an illustrator/designer focusing on apparel design, I want to hear from you!

• Have an apparel brand that you feel provides value to your customers? I want to talk!

• Want to talk shop? I am elbow deep in print speak every day and there’s still so much I don’t know! Fellow print professionals, share your knowledge. Screen print to DTG, it all has a place and I want to provide the space.

• Interested in having your brand reviewed by someone with 10+ years of apparel industry knowledge? Please don’t hesitate to contact me!

• Videographers/photographers/copywriters with an interest in spreading some good vibes and building an arena that celebrates artistry. You are my people and I want to collaborate!


These past two months have been a blast and I can’t wait to continue on toward new opportunities. Without the support of so many people, the hard work of some incredible artists, and the customers who purchased our shirts, I would not be able to pursue my goals. You rock!

Thank you for your time and attention.


Rob Green

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