Moving Forward

When Shirt Folk changed direction, I had no idea outside of knowing I wanted to talk about the apparel industry where I wanted to go with this platform. Clarity, however, comes with patience.

The apparel decoration industry is something I’m ensconced in every day. As a Production Manager, I get to be on the ground floor of so many things that new ideas and content possibilities are always popping up. That alone would allow me to bring value to many.

The reason I also want to talk about the apparel industry in general, though, is so I can see the effects of its movements on all players: manufacturer, decorator, and consumer. The way a brand creates its apparel directly impacts the people who are tasked with decorating it which effects the consumer in countless ways.

I will expand on many of these ideas in the coming months. For now, I want to instead focus on the methods for content distribution that I have in mind. And, more importantly, how I want to focus on the people in the apparel industry more than products.

Shirt Folk

I look at this website as a hub for everything I’m doing. It’s the platform I have the most control over. That’s what I like most about this space. I control the look, the feel, the content rules. Everything.

This site should act as a notes section in relation to my social content. It should define some of the raw edges and give focus to things.


I have been posting daily vlogs for roughly two weeks and it’s an idea I want to expand on. The missives act as a platform for me to discuss what is on my mind and to detail a few moments of day to day. It is definitely the most personal aspect of my document not create method I picked up from Gary Vaynerchuk.

My thinking moving forward is to conduct interviews, showcase the people behind brands, get in-depth with print shops over time, and generally provide value to anyone seeking to be inspired by quality people with drive and hustle and compassion and passion. It is something I seek on the daily and I feel others do to.


Twitter has been a tough one for me. Putting the time in is necessary in the same way it is on Instagram. The progress has been piecemeal, but by commenting and retweeting content that I genuinely like I know good things will come out of the process.

The platform is the most raw of anything I’m on. Once I got past the idea that every person in the world is falling over themselves to read my posts, the path for creation became simple: Just Flow.

On Twitter you will see the seeds of ideas. Only to be fully formed over time. In one form or another, I have had an account since 2016, so it provides a comfort for me.

From a practical perspective, Twitter is a great way to talk. Their DM system feels like a natural extension of the normal experience. It’s a shame more brands and industry leaders aren’t very active.


As a photographer, Instagram speaks most to me. When done right, which is tricky, it melds images and words in a very beautiful way.

Since IGTV and Instagram are so connected, I want one to feed the other. Providing spotlights of reviews, shops, and people featured in my videos feels like a natural path to take. I also like the the idea of it acting as a visual journal in a similar way Twitter is for my words.

The Stories feature is also HUGE for me. It provides a chance to flow with video in a way that Snapchat hasn’t been giving me.


This is one I haven’t started populating yet. I know I want the content I provide on YouTube to be more polished. This would be the space for me to allow artists to provide their flavor to Shirt Folk.

I envision working with videographers to produce short shop spotlights. Conducting long form interviews is also something I’m interested in. A series of talks on various ideas effecting the apparel industry intrigues me.

As you can probably tell, YouTube is the ether for me. Writing about it here gives me an opportunity to start giving it shape.

It’s the platform I’m most excited about!


That’s what I have on my mind right now. There are more platforms and more opportunities to connect and I am looking forward to continuing to expand on the possibilities.

I would love to hear your thoughts about getting your ideas out to the world. What platforms are you using? What is your ethos? Drop a comment below!

Thank you for your time and attention.

Header photo by iSAW Company on Unsplash