On Building a Platform

I have been putting together a podcast for the past couple of weeks. There is a ton to learn, but the cost of entry is shockingly low: A laptop and a decent mic…even that may be more than necessary.

What isn’t so clear to me sometimes is the responsibility of creating a platform and showcasing people. After talking to a shop owner, recently, I came to the conclusion that a podcast was the right decision because it provided a level of comfort that is necessary to get the most genuine version of a shop.

When a camera shows up, we shift. We become a version of ourselves that we think is the most palatable to the eye and ear. It’s the mask we put on to please the eyes and ears of others.

But it is a false narrative.

Maybe for now it’s best to put my story out. Show my struggles and faults. Make potential guests comfortable with the notion of their falls deserving a modicum of the attention that they give to their successes. Not to dwell, but to show the hardships. Life is hard. We all have something.

Why do we try to hide that?

Photo by Ivan Bandura on Unsplash