Shirt Lab Interview - Knowledge Sharing


On May 18th, I attended a Shirt Lab event in Washington, D.C. It was a great experience. The knowledge gained was awesome and I brought back a ton of new ideas with me upon returning to my print shop.

The shops and representatives of industry stalwarts were awesome, too. I could not have been happier about meeting some new folks and hearing their thoughts on things.

An idea at the end of the day hit me the wrong way, though. See the video below for more on that:

Knowledge sharing is the backbone of any industry. Really it’s how we grow as a people, so I get passionate about the subject. As we hit tough times, it is the one constant that we should be able to depend on. People will propel your shop forward in the long-term, not a random nugget of information.

My way of sharing what I learned will be through my day to day. I’m going to try stuff. If it works, I’ll say so. If it doesn’t, I’ll say so. Whether it works or not for me does not mean anything beyond my experience. You have full power to do what you want with information presented to you.


The above video was posted to my regular channels on IGTV and Facebook on May 20th. About a week ago, Marshall Atkinson, a co-founder of Shirt Lab, responded to the Facebook posting.


As mentioned in the above exchange, Marshall contacted me and setup a time for me to appear on his Shirt Lab Answer Series podcast.

The discussion centers around takeaways from the event and, of course, knowledge sharing. Marshall had a great idea about framing the question in terms of generational thinking which gave our talk direction. Not easy to do on such an open-ended topic.

The episode is on the short side. There isn’t much time for introspection. But getting the idea and questions it raises out there is important. Neither of us were looking to solve this thing, just open a dialogue.

I appreciate Marshall having me on and look forward to having him on my podcast in the future.

Hope you enjoy the episode. Let me hear your thoughts in the comments!

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