The original Shirt Folk logo. Designed by   Fahrenno Asnawan

The original Shirt Folk logo. Designed by Fahrenno Asnawan

Curated t-shirts designed by awesome illustrators

This simple idea was the beginning of Shirt Folk. What grew from that idea was a desire to not only gather curated shirts, but deliver shirts of the best possible quality while still being affordable to buy. We didn’t want do just get awesome illustrators designing our shirts; instead, we wanted those artists to be paid upfront and to have creative freedom to showcase their skills. In short, our thinking moved from our wants to create awesome apparel to creating awesome apparel made and worn by happy people.


Shirt Folk was founded in early 2019 by Rob Green, a screen printer from Westminster, Maryland. He loved seeing the art and creativity that passed through his shop, but felt there was a need for a brand centering around the eclectic nature of creativity. Plus, he knew that providing a new, sustainable platform for illustrators to gain exposure and get paid was always a good thing. So he got to work and began planning.

a platform for talking about the apparel industry

After releasing two lines of shirts, Rob came to the realization that he enjoyed talking more about how the shirts were made than selling the shirts themselves.

So, in April 2019, Shirt Folk shifted focus to a space to celebrate the apparel industry. We are excited to meet so many amazing people moving forward and we can’t thank you enough for your continued support.

Your time and attention means so much to us.

The Shirt folk podcast

In May 2019, the first episode of the Shirt Folk podcast was published. In the forthcoming episodes, we look forward to showcasing the people, ideas, and passions of those in and around the apparel industry.

Taking the next step

In June 2019, we decided to begin taking on client work as a way create change in the apparel industry. All of our work will be designed by our in-house designer or curated from top-level artists. Printing and shipping methods will be looked at through the prism of sustainability: We love shirts but we realize our choices make an impact.

By choosing to design and print with minimalism in mind, we will try to create a series of projects that we are proud to share for years to come.

In addition to client work, we will be presenting new shirts to our site. These shirts will, again, be designed by our in-house designer or curated artists. They will also be shipped and printed with the impacts to the environment and labor force in mind.

Make sure to follow along with the process by subscribing to our social media feeds. There will be a lot of ups and downs, but usually the toughest tasks are the most rewarding!