#5 - Bruce Ackerman

I am stoked to present my interview with the founder of Printavo, Bruce Ackerman. His company provides a shop management software that allows for all sorts of shops to centralize their processes and run efficiently. He is a fresh mind in the industry and I’m humbled to have him on the show.

My reason for reaching out to Bruce was wanting to talk more about a question he posed to the apparel distributors in the industry:

Why do we pick and pull our shirts as they arrive to our shops?

Thankfully, Bruce had squeezed some time for Shirt Folk into his schedule. After fighting through some technical issues, we hopped on a Skype audio call and got rolling.


I began the interview by having Bruce detail the people and culture aspects of his new book, A PrintHustlers Guide To: Growing A Successful Screen Printing Business as I feel it was important to point out the aspects of our industry we can focus on improving with the extra time we are saving.

This point was driven home by going into a recent interview Printavo conducted with Dominic Rossaci, the owner of Superior Ink, a print shop located in Denver, Colorado. Below is the video of that interview.


Having laid down what to focus on with our time, it was a good spot to find a way to get more out of it.

Printavo released the video below on May 17th, and I feel it displays perfectly his mindset and, in turn, his company’s mindset: Constantly push the boundaries of what is expected in the industry.

I thought it was cool that Bruce didn’t point fingers at the distributors. But was instead asking for ways to improve the process for everyone. Showing empathy for those we question allows for good discussions to happen.

That’s the fastest method for change.

I brought up the topic of online stores and how picking and pulling shirts for such small orders is a real pain. Bruce used Printavo Merch to demonstrate how having a program that keeps online ordering and fulfillment in a simple workflow helps offset some of that headache.


Setting up the next level of thinking is something Bruce has a real passion for. So it made sense to talk about his PrintHustlers Conf 2019 event coming up on July 12th and 13th in downtown Chicago. A conference featuring Profit First author Mike Michalowicz. I wasn’t aware of Mike before this interview, but seems like he could have some cool insights.


I wanted to wrap up the episode by having Bruce really delve into the topic of time and why it matters.

The quote below was a great moment and it has me thinking already about my tasks at my shop.

…You hired yourself. And they were doing the tasks that you’re doing right now. If you would be pissed at that, then that means you’re just not doing the right stuff every day….

Thanks again to Bruce for making time for the podcast. I hope you found as much value in the interview as I did.

Let me know any questions you have in the comments below.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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